Dr Stephanie Little


Dr Stephanie Little graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Health Science, a Masters of Midwifery and Bachelor of Dentistry with honors. Her background allows her to ensure competency and safety with patients who have increasing complex medical histories.

Stephanie enjoys working with all her patients from children to the elderly, and is interested in getting to know her patients not just their teeth. She is committed to further education and this ensures a more conservative, painless and comprehensive experience for you. She also has an interest in full-face aesthetics and her further education means that during your visit with her you can discuss what is important to your smile beyond your teeth, and we can achieve this together.

Outside of dentistry Stephanie likes travel, food and swimming in the ocean when it’s warm enough. Stephanie embraces all facets of general dentistry and has experience in both public and private sectors as well as in a voluntary capacity, participating in setting up and providing care in dental clinics and ‘on the road” in a third world setting.

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